Groove Corporation
Electronic, Pop/Rock, Reggae
Meta styles:
Dance, Downtempo, Dub, Techno
Ambient Dub, Ambient Techno, Club/Dance, Trip-Hop

aka G. Corp, this 2 piece band from Birmingham first produced under the name Electribe 101. This was back in the early house days and they even worked with early house legend Kevin Saunderson. After touring with Depeche Mode, Electribe split in '92 and formed Groove Corporation. G-Corp produce mellow, dubby laid back grooves and are master remixers, check out 'Remixes From The Elephant House' (The Elephant house being their studio) for some excellent tracks. My personal fav has to be their remix of Ennio Morricones Giocoso, Gioioso.

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