Q: Why do I need to create an account, is it free of charge?

A: Account creating is required for personalization of your "Cart" and "Settings" adjusting. After the registration you'll be able to contact our technical support or take advantages of different bonuses, discounts and special offers, moreover the account creating is free of charge and you will receive $0.50 bonus after confirmation of your email address, which is enough to purchase two compositions of your choice to test the service. Please pay attention to the fact that it is illegal to keep registration bonus tracks for more than 24 hours unless you decide to make a deposit.


Q: I have an account but the site does not recognize me, what should I do?

A: To sign in please click the "Sign in" button and enter your username and password into appropriate fields in the top of the page.


Q: I don't remember my password, what should I do?

A: If you forgot your password please use the Forgot password tool. You will need to create the new one password and to enter the email address associated with your account at PayPlay.fm

We suggest you to add the no-reply@payplay.fm email address to the safe senders list to receive service messages inbox.


Q: I have filled out the forgot password form but haven't received the message, what should i do?

A: Please check the spam/junk section of your email client. If you wouldn't found the message there, then try to add the no-reply@payplay.fm email address to a safe senders list of your email service provider. Then try the Forgot password tool one more time.


Q: When I login on the web site, and click any link, I get logged out. What should I do?

A: You may have disabled the cookies in your browser: to enable cookies just visit the "Internet options" in your browser and clicking on "Privacy" to change your settings (procedures may differ depending on the browser). It is also possible that your proxy server caches Internet pages "too efficiently". Check the settings or refer to your system administrator or ISP technical support.


Q: How do I enable cookies?

A: Internet Explorer for Windows

1. Within Internet Explorer, click the "Tools" menu and choose "Internet Options".
2. Click the tab labeled "Privacy."
3. Click the button labeled "Advanced."
4. Check the option labeled "Override automatic cookie handling."

To enable cookies: Set "First-party Cookies" (and "Third-party Cookies, if you wish) to "Accept."
To receive a prompt to accept or decline cookies on a site-by-site basis:
Set "First-party Cookies" (and "Third-party Cookies, if you wish) to "Prompt."
5. Click "OK" to save changes and close the dialog box.

Firefox for Windows and Mac OS X

1. Open Options dialog box:
Within Firefox, click the "Tools" menu, then click "Options."
Mac OS X
Click the "Firefox" menu, then click "Preferences."
2. In the left-hand column, click the icon labeled "Privacy."
3. Click "Cookies," then click the option labeled "Allow sites to set cookies.
4. Click "OK" to save changes and close the dialog box.

Safari for Macintosh OS X

1. Within Safari, click the "Safari" menu and choose "Preferences."
2. Click the icon labeled "Security."
To enable cookies:
Set the option labeled "Accept Cookies" to "Always."
3. Click "OK" to save changes and close the dialog box.

Opera for Windows or Macintosh

1. Within Opera, click the "File" menu and choose "Preferences."
2. In the left-hand column, select "Privacy."
3. Select the option labeled "Enable cookies."
4. Click "OK" to save changes and close the dialog box.


Q: I created an account, but did not receive my two free tracks, what should I do?

A: To activate your sign up bonus, please click the link posted in the sign up email that you have received upon registration completed.

Please also note that it is prohibited to create multiple accounts. If such an activity is detected we will be forced to inform your ISP and local authorities of such fraudulent activity.


Q: Is it safe to provide my personal information during the registration process?

A: Administration of the PayPlay.fm guarantees, that all personal information that you provide will never be disclosed to the 3rd parties without your written permission.


Q: How can I add money to my balance?

A: In order to make payments you need to be registered within our service. In order to complete your payment, please select desired deposit amount in the Add money section, fill in all the required information and click the "Proceed to payment" button. All the available payment methods could be found in the Add money section. If desired payment method is not available, please contact our support team by sending a message through the Mailbox option in the user menu.

Please note that the minimum one-time payment is $15 USD.


Q: How much does it cost to purchase music at PayPlay.fm? Are there any hidden/monthly fees?

A: The price for one track is $0.20. All the prices are in USD currency with TAX included. We do not charge any extra fees nor have monthly subscription withdrawals. You pay for the purchased music ONLY.


Q: If I make a deposit and don't use up my balance straight away, will it expire?

A: No, there are no such time limitations/restrictions on our web site. All deposited money will be available until you spend them.


Q: Are there any discount/bonus programs at PayPlay.fm?

A: Yes, there is a bonus system for our members. A certain bonus is added every time you make a new payment. Currently we have following bonuses on deposits:
15 USD deposit + no bonus
30 USD deposit + 10 USD Bonus!
50 USD deposit + 30 USD Bonus!
100 USD deposit + 100 USD Bonus!

Keep an eye on our updates to arrange for a special promotions!


Q: I am not satisfied with the service how can I request a refund?

A: If you are not satisfied with the quality of our services, you may request a refund, which will be considered by administration of the PayPlay.fm. For this purpose you should forward the application to the email address refund@payplay.fm with a detailed explanation of the reason why refund should be done. Refunds can be initiated for the following reasons: double and/or accidental deposit; corrupted content purchased; unauthorized payments. The refund will not be issued if you made a deposit only to purchase 1 song/album, this is not allowed.


Q: I have purchased one album/track and cannot find anything else I like on your web site, can I get a refund?

A: Unfortunately we do not issue refunds in such cases. We strongly recommend our members to calculate the approximate sum of purchases before depositing therefore we kindly ask you to use the shopping cart facility.


Q: Can I preview the track at PayPlay.fm prior to purchase them?

A: Yes, you can. We have the 60 seconds previews for all music tracks available on our web site. Please click the triangle next to the song's name to start the preview.


Q: What is the quality of the preview?

A: There is a 64 kbps quality which is lower than the original mp3 file.


Q: I do not see the preview player on the web site, what should I do?

A: Please make sure that you have the latest Flash Player installed for your web browser.


Q: How and where from do I download purchased music?

A. All the purchased music could be downloaded from the Downloads page as well as from the artist's page. We have two options available: download in Zip and single song download.

The zip archive download available in case you purchased all the songs within the one album. To initiate the download just click on the Download in ZIP button, after downloading you will get the *.zip archive which contains mp3 files inside. To extract them you may require special software (WinZip, WinRar or 7Zip for Windows).

To download single track please click the download link located next to the duration column in the album's list. You will receive the *.mp3 file after the download process completed and it will be ready to use with your player or device.


Q: I have downloaded track/album and it is corrupt/password protected. What should I do?

A: We do not host any corrupt/password protected content in our catalog. It can be a result of peer resets in your internet connection. Please re-download this track/album. To avoid problems like this we suggest using download managers (e.g. Reget; Reget Deluxe; Go!Zilla; FlashGet; GetRight for Windows and iGetter, iDownloader for Mac OS). Please also note that all the purchased music can be re-downloaded multiply from your Downloads section as long as it stays there.


Q: The music I downloaded seems to be of poor quality (there are clicks/pops/, etc.) What should I do?

A: As we are unable to personally check every track in our database, our users may find, though rarely, the tracks with a poor quality (according to our statistics, this occurs in less than 0.03% cases). However, if this happened to you, please contact our technical support staff under the subject heading entitled "Errors/Bugs in the music catalogue". After we check the issue and validate your complaint, we will return the appropriate balance to your account. We will also try to do everything within our power to replace the low-quality track so you can download it again.

Please pay attention to the fact that some classic audio has been recorded from vinyl and may have characteristics distinctive to the medium that cannot be prevented. In such cases, please note that the original source can not be improved.


Q: I have downloaded purchased music, what software/media device I need to play it back?

A: We provide music in the mp3 file format which is supported by almost all media players and mp3 compatible audio devices nowadays. If your media player does not play the downloaded music properly please make sure that you have the latest audio codecs installed (we suggest K-Lite codec pack).


Q: How can I transfer purchased music to my iPod/iPhone/iPad?

A: First of all you have to download purchased music to your computer and extract it from archive if you download in Zip file. After that you need to download iTunes and install it due to instructions. Then run iTunes.
a) To import an individual mp3 file, choose File > Add File to Library, and then locate the music file you want added to your library.
b) To import all the mp3 files in a folder, choose File > Add Folder to Library, and then locate the folder containing the audio you want added to your library.
Sync your iPod/iPhone
1. Connect your iPod/iPhone to your computer.
2. When the iPod/iPhone icon appears in the iTunes window (below Devices), select it.
3. If the Summary pane isn't showing, click the Summary tab.
4. To automatically sync your iPod/iPhone:
a) Make sure that "Manually manage music" is not selected.
b) Click the Music tab and do one of the following:
To automatically update your iPod/iPhone with all the songs and playlists in your library, select "Sync music" and then select "All songs and playlists." iTunes loads the songs and playlists in your iTunes library onto your iPod, and deletes songs from your iPod/iPhone that aren't in your library.
To automatically update your iPod/iPhone with only certain playlists, select "Sync music" and "Selected playlists," and then select the playlists you want synchronized.
To manually sync your iPod/iPhone:
a) Make sure that "Manually manage music" is selected.
b) Click Music (below Library, on the left side of the iTunes window) and then drag songs and playlists to your iPod/iPhone.


Q: Is it possible to burn a CD with the music I downloaded from the PayPlay.fm?

A: Yes, it is possible and very easy. All the purchased and downloaded music can be burned onto CD as long as it is for your personal use. Please use any available CD burning software (e.g. Nero, Windows Media Player).


Q: If I decide to close my account with you, will I be able to keep all purchased and downloaded music?

A: Yes, all purchased and downloaded music is for you to keep, you will be able to listen to it for a lifetime as longs as you keep it in a safe place.


Q: What is the "Archive" appears in the bottom of Downloads page?

A: The archive is a virtual storage of your purchases which never be deleted and always ready to become available for downloading. If you have a lot of purchases you may tide up your download section and put the selected songs to the Archive.

To archive purchased tracks:
1. Visit the Downloads section, select tracks by checking the box next to the track's name.
2. Click "Archive" button.

To move an archived track back to your downloads, follow these steps:
1. Visit the Archive page.
2. Select tracks by checking the box next to track's name.
3. Click the "Restore" button.


Q: How can I delete the track? Will I get credit back for it cost?

A: If you want to delete the track from your Archive page, you have to select it and click the "Delete" button. You won't be credited back for the deleted track/album even if you haven't downloaded it yet.


Q: What is the "Favorites" in the menu?

A: The "Favorites" option help you to keep an eye on the new releases coming from the artists you marked as your favorites. You also can mark any album in the Coming Soon section or any artist you like as your favorite and when the artist or album will be updated you'll see the "+" cross sign next to your favorites link in the user menu.


Q: Is your web site legal?

A: Yes, the availability over the Internet of the PayPlay.fm materials is authorized by the license No IT-02/11 and No IT-02-01/11 of the Ukrainian Public Organization "Avtor" issued for PayPlay Ltd. All these materials are solely for personal use. Any further distribution, resale or broadcasting is prohibited.


Q: Is it safe to enter my billing information on your web site?

A: Paying for your orders with a credit card over the Internet is done via a secure SSL-connection, established between our server and a server of the Processing Company. Https protocol makes this process completely safe for you. Afterwards your payment data transfers through a closed bank network with the highest level of the security. Processing of the received confidential data of the client (credit card, personal data etc.) is done in the Processing Center. This way, even the seller, can't keep the client's personal and bank account information. We use the protocol SSL 3.0, the server certificate (128 bit), issued by GeoTrust company - recognized by the center of digital certificates, to prevent an unauthorized access to the information while its being transferred from the client to our server.


Q: Are there any viruses/trojans on the web site?

A: No, PayPlay.fm is a commercial project and keeping our servers virus free, is vital for our business.


Q: My problem is not listed what should I do?

A: Please fill free to leave a message via Mailbox feature.