David Liebe Hart
Avant-Garde, Comedy/Spoken, Pop/Rock, Religious
Meta styles:
Alternative/Indie Rock, Modern Composition, Spoken Comedy, Traditional Gospel
Comedy, Experimental, Gospel, Hymns, Sketch Comedy, Standup Comedy

David Liebe Hart was born in 1955 in south Chicago.He lived a disciplined childhood and spent four years in the navy as a young adult. He has performed in front of the Hollywood Bowl for many years. For twenty years, he also had a public access show. Typically, Hart performs with puppets. Most of his songs have a positive message that go against the use of drugs or other bad choices. Hart is a Christian Scientist. He believes he was abducted by aliens when he was a child. He claims that they took hair, blood, and skin samples from him.

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Christian Hymns and Songs of Praise

Christian Hymns and Songs of Praise

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