Joe Cuba
Jazz, Latin
Meta styles:
Latin America, Latin Jazz/World Fusion, Tropical
Boogaloo, Latin Jazz, Latin Pop, New York Salsa, Salsa, Tropical, World Fusion

Born "Gilberto Miguel Calder?n" in New York City, Cuba's parents moved from Puerto Rico to New York City in the late 1920s and settled in Spanish Harlem, a Latino community located in Manhattan. Cuba was raised in an apartment building where his father had become the owner of a candy store located on the ground floor (street level floor). His father had organized a stickball club called the Devils. Stickball was the main sport activity of the neighborhood. After Cuba broke a leg he took up playing the conga and continued to practice with the conga between school and his free time.

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Cocinando La Salsa (Vinyl)

Cocinando La Salsa (Vinyl)

320 kbps
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